Saturday, 3 September 2016

The 1, 2, 3s of Packing for a Move

There are three parts when it comes to packing for a move, each one consisting of its own sub parts.  The first part is getting organized, the second part is packing smart, and the third part is crossing the finish line.  Compartmentalizing the packing process of your move into these three categories, and following the steps for each one, should result in a much more hassle-free and stress-free move.

STEP ONE: Getting Organized

-          You will need different sizes of cardboard boxes and good quality packaging supplies. 
-          Don’t forget to accumulate Sharpies, newspaper, bubble wrap, and old blankets for wrapping furniture.
-          Set aside a station that will be your “moving headquarters”.  Put all of the supplies and any information regarding the move in this station. 
-          Pack suitcases for each member of the family with anything they will, or may, need over the next couple days. 
-          Set aside old clothes to use for packing material.  Glasses can be put into socks, and t-shirts can be used for padding plates.
-          Take a picture of what the back of your TV looks like so you can know how to set it up when you get home.  Take pictures of any other collages or intricate decorations you may have.

STEP TWO: Packing Smart

-           The first priority is clear a large space where you can really be successful.  This is where you are going to put your stacks of cardboard boxes and the rest of your “moving headquarters”.
-          Put a number on each box that you pack.  This will help you know if any of them turn up missing.
-          Write a corresponding number for the box in a notebook and annotate the contents of the box. 
-          Pack heavy items at the bottom of a box, moving up to lighter items.
-          Wrap each item well, using up all empty space of the box with either belongings or packaging supplies.  This will help keep your items from shifting and also, hopefully, save you some cardboard boxes.
-          Save all hardware as you take apart your furniture in a ziploc bag and keep that in your “moving headquarters”.

STEP THREE: Crossing the Finish Line

-          Have a box available to be opened first upon your move, which should have stuff like tools and simple cooking utensils to carry you over until you are officially moved in and unpacked.
-          Stack the boxes as you fill them. 
-          Make sure that all of the boxes are clearly labeled.
-          Check in each room when you are done, and don’t forget to double check the dishwasher!

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