Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Rise of Online Commerce

Having items shipped internationally is one commodity that people absolutely take for granted. Heck, just having them shipped in cardboard boxes across the country they’re in is something that people couldn’t live without.

The thing is, people become so dependent and end up relying on commodities like this that if they were ever to be taken away from them, they wouldn’t know how to function normally. It’s the same story with vehicles, really. If you didn’t have a car, wouldn’t you feel like your normal life was over and you would have to adapt somehow to make it to work everyday?

The online realm of commerce basically began and boomed within a 20 year period, to the point that it’s becoming the number one sphere of buying things outside of groceries. Think back on your last few purchases that weren’t food or drinks. Can you remember how much of those things you bought online and how much was actually purchased in store?

For me, I look at it all as a necessity in this age. Whether or not you agree is irrelevant. I just know that our society is a better one when people can get their goods out there online for others to buy. Imagine all the Etsy sellers who make their own crafts and goods. They wouldn’t sell nearly what they do without the internet and shipping their items in good ole cardboard boxes.

Perhaps it’s made people lazy, though. I know that’s one complaint some of society has raised, and they have a point. It certainly doesn’t help with problems such as America’s obesity rates. While ordering crafts and clothes and the likes is one thing, ordering subscription boxes (such as candy and other confectionaries) is another. But I see it as such: subscription boxes are just one thing along the line of newfangled ideas. It’ll eventually peter out when something newer, cheaper, and more convenient comes along.

If I had to guess, I’d say that local stores will become the hip thing down the road. Not anytime soon, but I feel like it’ll be a throwback like no other. Opening your own store in a brick and mortar building will seem cool again, because anyone can open their own online store these days.

Overall, business is a good thing, no matter if it’s located in a building or is purely digital transactions taking place. Some people hate the new stuff. Others love it. I’ve found myself enjoying the ride so long as I don’t get carried away buying stuff online with my card.

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